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Call of Cthulhu Dice Set Pink / Black

USD $ 19.99

It's all a lie. . the reality. . the colours. . so blinding. . we can't believe. . we can't believe. It must have been something else no not that. . but the colours. . they were so blinding. . Aaaaayyahahahahahahahahaahahaha! We tell You You've all been living a lie! A trecherous wicked lie! You've been blind but now we will make you see the truth! The colours. . so blinding. . so horrendous. . Cthulhu F'tangh. . the colours. . Pinkulhu. . The exclusive destination for developing your children's originality and individuality. Our collection comprises of Role Playing games Card collectibles Magazines Dice games and other accessories. Our products deliver both fun and entertainment to your children. We strive to provide the top notch goods to the people. These games incorporate teamwork logical thinking and creativity in the budding minds.

  • Call of Cthulhu Dice Set of 7 - Pink & Black
  • Color: Pink & Black
  • Weight: 0.072 lbs